Disgusting Jerk Calls Girl Scout ‘Hooker” And I Hope He Never Gets Another Thin Mint, Ever

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Get ready to get ragey, ladies. A Girl Scout in California was harassed and called a “hooker” by a random belligerent dude at a grocery store.

Cindy Baldan is 13 years old. While selling Girl Scout cookies in a Keil’s parking lot, she approached a man who launched into a tirade, calling her a “hooker.” When her mother tried to defend her, he called Cindy’s mother a “ho” and told her to “fuck off.” Bystanders apparently rushed to their aid, calling police and comforting Cindy, who was obviously upset and crying. Cindy told FOX San Diego:

“It did make me feel dirty. But it also shattered my self-confidence.”

The man was not identified and was questioned without being arrested.

Ugh, ugh, ugh. This should never have to happen to a young girl who is out in the world, simply doing her Girl Scout duty. Come to think of it, I never actually considered how possibly dangerous it could be for girls to go around selling Girl Scout cookies. I assume that these days, most girls do it with their parents in tow (or just have their parents sell to all their coworkers) but…having little girls try to peddle wares to people is kind of creepy, right? Even though it’s done in total innocence and under adult supervision. When I was a kid, I did Jump Rope For Heart every year and I would go door-to-door in my neighborhood asking for donations. It seemed totally normal at the time, but now I am kind of like,”Why did my parents let me do that alone??!!” Oh, the 90s. Ok, that was a random tangent that doesn’t actually have anything to do with Cindy or her story. Back to the issue at hand.

Of course, most people are good-hearted and aren’t going to take out their random rage on a child. This does seem like an isolated incident with an obviously mentally-ill person, so let’s not go locking up all our Girl Scouts just yet. Let’s just condemn the disgusting jerk that scared this little girl and mad her feel terrible.

I don’t know what is in the water lately, but it seems like Girl Scouts have been getting more abuse than ever before. And I’m not just talking about the entire “lesbian” organization as a whole, but individual little girls. Remember this poor seven-year-old Girl Scout who HAD A GUN pulled on her? What the fuck gives, world? Leave the innocent children who just want to sell you cookies alone, please.

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