Enterprising Girl Scout Sells Cookies in Front of a Dispensary, and Honestly Why Don’t They All Do That?

I think we might be looking at the next leader of the Girl Scouts, you guys. A brilliant Girl Scout sold cookies outside of a marijuana dispensary in San Diego, and she killed the game. But some people are torn on whether it was right or wrong. There are approximately 1823648292 rules when it comes to cookie slinging, and she might have broken one or two.

The Girl Scout sold cookies outside of Urbn Leaf dispensary in San Diego, Ca.,where weed is legal now (wheee!). The dispensary posted a picture of the future CEO on their Instagram page.


The young girl sold more than 300 boxes in six hours at that location. That’s … amazing. I mean honestly, if the organization’s goal is to sell a fuckton of cookies, then this kid had the right idea. But there are SO MANY RULES about how and when and where these cookies can be sold. People started accusing the girl of breaking the rules by “boothing”. Troops are allowed to set up cookie booths at approved locations starting in late February. Before that time, scouts are allowed to sell to friends, neighbors, and online.

However, this brilliant child didn’t set up a booth. Apparently, she walked around with her little cookie wagon. Which, according to Girl Scouts of San Diego, is well within the rules.

As long as the scout has a parent or guardian present, they’re allowed to drag those little boxes of crack around and sell to as many unsuspecting people as possible. And this kid had her wagon and her dad with her. So, says Alison Bushan of Girls Scouts of San Diego, “if that’s what they say they were doing… then they were right within the rules.”

Each region within the scouts organization makes their own rules and decisions on how their cookie program is run. If Girl Scouts of San Diego doesn’t have a rule prohibiting sales near pot shops, then it’s all good.


I applaud this kid for thinking outside the cookie box. When you’re running a business, it’s all about supply and demand. I hope she blows her cookie goals right out of the bong water.

(Image: Facebook/Girl Scout Cookies)


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