Santa’s Little Helper: Buy Enough Wrapping Paper For This Holiday — And Next

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christmas wrapping paperWrapping paper is probably one of the biggest annoyances of the commercialized holiday season. Not only do you suddenly have a gun to your head to buy everyone the best gift they had ever seen, but you also have to shell out good money to wrap said gifts in paper that will be appreciated for about two minutes — perhaps even less if you have kids. So, given that we all must subscribe to this highly commercial way of presenting our gifts, wrapping paper can never be too cheap to pass up.

When picking out gifts for your tween and coming across a bin of “two for one” rolls of wrapping paper — buy it. It doesn’t matter if you already have eight rolls at home or if you estimate that you’re set through the next holiday season. Buy it anyway. Toss any “for sale” packs of bows into your cart along with gifts bags, tissue paper, and ribbon. Remember that unlike that eggnog you have in the fridge and the sugar cookies that you’re throwing together this holiday season, none of this stuff goes bad.

So hoard all those bows and ribbons because when you’re still up at 3 o’ clock in the morning on Christmas Eve wrapping a Barbie dream house, you’ll thank yourself for having the presence of mind to purchase that 99 cent roll of wrapping paper. And you won’t even have to avoid pepper-spray attacks at Black Friday sales to procure it.

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