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Gift This: Perfect Gifts For The Work-At-Home Mom In Your Life

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I became a work-at-home mom only a few months ago and I have quickly come to realize that there are certain things that make my day a little easier. And maybe not even easier, but a little more attractive or fun. I love what I do and there are a number of benefits to my current arrangement but it can be a bit lonely and quiet being by myself all day. Having some tiny luxuries certainly helps to smooth over the few negative aspects of what I do. See below for my suggestions of perfect gifts for the work-at-home mom:

1. Keurig Brewing System

Most working moms require coffee in their lives and the work-at-home mom is no exception. My day at the “office” has not officially started until I’ve had that first sip.

2. Cozy Slippers

Being at home all day means you don’t really need shoes but comfortable slippers are pretty much essential. Unless you want cold toes all day and who in the world wants that?

3. Moar Yoga Pants

Working from home means not needing any pants with a real waistband and lots of us WAHM’s enjoy celebrating this fact. Bring on the yoga pants, there can never be too many!

4. Chair Massager 

I plan to make one of these bad boys a part of my work-at-home world very soon. Getting sick of sitting but don’t want to walk around? Turn on the massager for a relaxing change of pace. Yassss.

5. Bluetooth Speaker

These little speakers are amazing and so useful. The quiet makes me crazy so I have music playing all day. That is, unless I have to pause it to listen to the most recent dispatch from the Land of the Holderni.

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