18 Gifts for Your BFF Who Loves to Swear

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We’ve all got that one friend. Hell, maybe you’re that one friend! The one who has a lifelong love and appreciation for colorful 4-letter words. The friend you have to watch like a hawk around your kids so they don’t accidentally drop an f-bomb. Someone who uses so much profanity in their texts that they has keyboard shortcuts programmed into their phone. Because listen, APPLE, no one ever means duck. With the holidays approaching, you’re going to want to find the perfect fucking gift for this friend, and we found 18 gifts for people who love to swear that will surely elicit an appreciative “Shit, yeah!” when they open it.

1. Gifts for people who love to swear are obviously NSFW. But, like this mug, they’re fucking amazing.

gifts for people who love to swear

Image: Amazon

Just because you hate mornings, doesn’t mean you can’t convey your sentiments in beautiful, flowery prose. This mug is perfect for just that.

Want it? Get it from Amazon.

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