Mommyish Gift Guide: 10 Worthy Charities To Share Your Holiday Spirit With

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Mommyish has given you plenty of ideas for amazing gifts. We’ve covered everyone from girly girls to tom boys, new moms to new babies. But plenty of families like to use this generous time of year to do more than give baby dolls or books. Lots of us like to feel the holiday spirit by donating to a deserving charity.

Well, Mommyish decided to round up some incredibly deserving and intensely admirable non-for-profits that could use your holiday support. These wonderful organizations will be able to use your gift to help children, veterans, and entire communities.

This time of year is about more than Santa Claus and wish lists. It’s about gratefulness. It’s about giving to those around us. Pick one of these wonderful charities and give a gift that you can feel good about all year long.

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