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16 GIFs That Perfectly Highlight the First Day Home With Your New Baby

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So, you had a baby! It was either amazing or awful, likely a combination of both. You had a couple of nice days in the hospital, with nurses waiting on you hand and foot. You think, well this isn’t so bad! I can totally do this! And then they come in with discharge paperwork and tell you it’s time to GTFO. And you have to take the baby with you. No nurses to change your icicle pad. Say goodbye to food delivery. It’s just you, the baby, and (hopefully) a great support system at home. The first day home with your new baby will be magical and insane and horrible and perfect. Luckily, there are 16 gifs that totally nail what you’re about to experience.

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Your first thought when you’ve arrived for your first day home with your new baby: WE MADE IT!

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Strapping your tiny, precious, fragile newborn into their car seat for the ride home is the most stressful part of the day. And obviously you drove 3 miles an hour the entire way, and sat in the bitch seat despite your screaming vagina so you could be within reach.

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