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Reign and Mason Share A Birthday


Kourtney delivered Reign exactly five years after his big brother Mason. Their birthdays are December 14th. Mason was born Dec. 14, 2009 and Reign was born Dec. 14, 2014. Can you imagine all the super cool birthday they’ll have together?! The day that Reign was born, Kim K had taken Mason for a special viewing of Disney on Ice. They were trying to give him one great last birthday hurrah before having to share his day with his little brother. Following Reigns birth, Kourtney sent a great big shout out to Mason on her Instagram account. The mom of three wrote, “Happy birthday to the coolest little boy in the entire world. You teach me so much every single day and changed my universe the second I met you. You have taught me what life is all about, and I am truly blessed and honored to be your mommy”.

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