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Penelope Got Her Very First Haircut At The Age Of Six


When a child gets their first haircut, it’s a big milestone, and this significant ent usually happens when a child is in their toddler years. However, for Korutey’s middle child Penelope her very first hair cut didn’t happen until she was six-year-old.

Very similar to her aunt Khloe’s hair at the time Penelope decided on a choppy bob. After Kourtney had shared a cute picture of P’s hew hairdo, so many negative comments came in about the adorable girl and her new hair cut. People were pretty rude with comments like, “Who cut it? Edward Scissor hands [sic]?” and “I can’t believe that is a girl, [sic] especially a Kardashian.” All that matters is that both Kourtney and Penelope liked the cut. Shame on people for making fun of this little girls haircut. I think it’s chic and fitting! What do you think?

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