British ‘Get Fertile’ Campaign Encourages Young Women To Get Knocked Up By Showing A Dirty Old Pregnant Lady

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Kate Garraway old pregnantLadies are not having babies like they used to and apparently they doesn’t just apply to the United States. Britain — or rather First Response — is also concerned about their birth rate decline, having launched a Get Pregnant campaign in Britain. For which the company has fashioned a scary THIS COULD BE YOU old pregnant lady ad à la that infamous New York Magazine cover. One grab to sell magazine covers is another company’s way to shill pregnancy tests!

The Telegraph reports that the “Get Britain Fertile” ad features 46-year-old Kate Garraway, a British TV presenter who regrets having her children at the ages of 38 and 42. Naturally, this one mother’s choices and regrets about her own family are being spun as a cautionary tale for ALL other women. Watch out lady or you won’t get that coveted third baby:

“I do look back now and realise that leaving pregnancy late can be a risky bet as diminishing fertility can stack the odds against you. In some ways I wish I’d had my babies younger. Now I would love a third child but I’ve almost certainly left it too late. My fertility door is slamming shut,” she said. “I want to alert women to start thinking about their fertility at a younger age than my generation did.”

I agree with Kate that fertility statistics should not be kept in the dark from younger women looking to plan their families/careers. In the United States, we seem to have dropped the ball on that endeavor, as some 40+ women are “shocked” that they have to resort to fertility treatments.

But when I say that younger ladies should be better informed about fertility stats, I absolutely do mean fertility stats. Not weird shame-y pictures of older women with curiously dirty faces that make them look like a pregnant Les Misérable-inspired prostitute. At present, this advertisement doesn’t contribute to raising awareness of one’s fertility window, as all the viewer really gets is that older mothers can kinda pass for homeless women. And hey, buy some First Response!