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Get 30 Days Of Streaming Yoga Classes At Home For Only $10

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Eoin FinnOne of the top reasons why many parents don’t get the exercise they should is because they don’t have time. (We know this because we’ve used that excuse to skip the gym once or twice as well.) But your excuses become limited when you have the ability to work out in the comfort of your own home. Put the kids down for a nap, open up your laptop, and turn to Eoin Finn, a master yogi and self-proclaimed “blissologist.” Right now you can get 4 of Eoin’s vinyasa yoga classes streamed directly into your home for 30 days, for only $10. What excuse do you have now?

Our sister site Blisstree has paired up with The Blissology Project and 889 Yoga, Toronto’s hottest wellness and yoga spa, to bring streaming online yoga classes with Eoin into your home, so you can access them when and wherever it’s convenient for you. For $10 you’ll get 30 days of access to four of Eoin’s vinyasa yoga classes, filmed at 889 Yoga. You’ll also be able to download Eoin’s Blissology Project Booklet and learn more about his 4-week program that encourages everyone to “Commit To Bliss.”

In the 4-part video series, Eoin, a self-proclaimed “blissologist,” will walk you through his yoga practice as well as the methodology that he follows everyday. His enthusiasm will encourage you renew all those resolutions you made back at the beginning of the New Year — remember them?

And if you need some exercise inspiration but want to watch Eoin’s videos on your TV instead of your computer, you can purchase one of his 21 yoga video DVDs instead, including the 6-part Blissology Project DVD set, for $49.99. So, getting 4 Blissology Project yoga sessions for $10 is a great steal.

Just follow this link to get access to Eoin Finn’s Blissology Project yoga classes. Namaste.

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