Georgia: You Can Take A Gun To Church But You Can’t Get A Sex Toy Without One Of These

sex-toys-georgiaYes, I realize guns and sex toys have nothing to do with each other, I just find it hilarious that a state that thinks it’s pretty much a-ok to bring a gun anywhere your heart desires – including bars, churches, and in some cases schools – requires people to get a prescription for a sex toy. Let’s make it really easy for people to carry a gun wherever they want but really hard for a person to procure a dildo. Because that makes sense.

A Georgia woman with MS is fed up with the stupid law and is filing suit against the city, because she says sex toys saved her marriage. The disease attacks her central nervous system, interfering with both arousal and orgasm.

The ordinance in question prohibits the selling of sexual devices unless the customers have a bona fide medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial or law enforcement purpose.

Experts construe that to mean if you have a doctor’s prescription, or some kind of proof the device is being used for one of those purposes.

I guess, “I feel like having an orgasm now” doesn’t fall into one of those categories. What in the ever-loving hell is going on here? I had no idea sex toys existed for any other purpose than orgasm. Did you?

Who comes up with this stuff? Never mind. We all know the answer to that question; religious hypocrites and right-wing assholes. Who else would take the time to craft a law banning sex toys? You can’t hurt anyone with them and unlike drugs, if they fall into the wrong hands no harm will come of it. You know what is destroying America, besides rape culture and high fructose corn syrup? Being overly concerned with how someone else comes to orgasm. Caring how an adult who is not harming anyone else is getting off is ruining this country.

Well, I won’t be moving to Sandy Springs, Georgia any time soon. You can pry my vibrator out of my cold, dead hands.

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