1-Year-Old Senselessly Shot In The Head By Kids And I’m A Sobbing Mess

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gunshotA 1-year-old little boy has been fatally shot in Brunswick, Georgia. And it is worth warning that the sheer senselessness of this crime was enough to reduce me to a sobbing mess for roughly 15 minutes. So it might not be the best story to delve into if you’re sitting around at work. Just an FYI.

Sherry West was talking a morning walk with her infant son in a stroller through her neighborhood. While likely cooing to her little one, she was approached by two young boys who were thought to be between the ages of 10 and 15. The boys demanded that West give them whatever money she had.

When West told them that she didn’t have any cash, the young boys open-fired on her and her son. According to the grieving mother, “I put my arms over my baby and he shoves me, and then he shot my baby right in the head.” West was wounded and her son was killed.

This is the second story of an infant dying from random gun violence that we’ve seen in the last two weeks. Earlier in the month, a Chicago infant was murdered mid-diaper change when two men shot at a van parked at the side of a street. With that story as well, the brutality was almost too much for words.

In this tragic case in Georgia, there were young boys, still really children themselves, and they seemed to purposefully end an infant’s life. The horribleness of these actions is simply difficult to process. That these kids were so desperate for money and so careless with human life is a failure of parenting, a failure of the culture that these boys were brought up in.

(Photo: Karen McGaul/Shutterstock)