Mystery Lady Speaks Of Zimmerman’s ‘Racist Ideologies’ Long Before The Media

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Angela Corey, the special prosecutor who announced George Zimmerman‘s second degree murder charges, released some documents and new details in the death of young Trayvon Martin. The 184-page gallery contains redacted documents in which you too reader can discern just how shoddy a job the Sanford police department actually did. Other reports back up Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense as he perhaps suffered a broken nose and a bloody head. Other witnesses claim that they saw the 17-year-old on top of Zimmerman, attacking him in a “mixed martial arts style.” But among The New York Times‘ reporting is a small tidbit about a mystery woman who tipped the police off about Zimmerman’s racist disposition — and long before his name became nationally synonymous with racism.

The Times reports that an unidentified woman called an investigator less than two days following Trayvon’s death:

The woman refused to identify herself or give any callback numbers, but told the investigator that Mr. Zimmerman “has racist ideologies and that he is fully capable of instigating a confrontation that could have escalated to the point of Zimmerman having to use deadly force.”

The police were never able to track her down.

What’s significant about these findings is that they occurred back when Trayvon was a mere local story, long before his parents pushed for national attention and therefore criminal charges against their son’s attacker. Given the wealth of anonymity towards Zimmerman, it’s no surprise that he eventually turned himself into the authorities. Given his crime and the profound lack of initiative on the part of local authorities, Zimmerman is much safer with police than he is out and about in the world. The Los Angeles Times reports that Zimmerman has not shockingly received “numerous threats on his life,” and therefore remains in hiding until the commencement of his trial.

But despite the public’s current perception of Zimmerman as a racial profiler who thoughtlessly shot an unarmed kid in self-defense, someone else was aware of those “racist ideologies” long before certain media was alerting us to them.