Geoffrey Portway Shows Us Monsters Are Real As He Plotted To Rape, Murder And Eat Children

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Geoffrey Portway Plotted To Rape Murder Eat ChildrenIn case any of you were in need of a new definition of evil this morning you can have one courtesy of a British man named Geoffrey Portway who planned to rape, muder and eat children and who currently faces up to 27 years in a US prison before he is deported back to Britain. This all started when Portway engaged in chatroom discussions with a man named Michael Arnett , a man Portway believed could help him kidnap children. These horrifying chats the two had also enabled them to exchange photographs of mutilated, injured and deceased children. They also discussed alive children who Arnett had access to. After the FBI received information of these little chats, they decided to search Portway’s home in Massachusetts and found something a bit more terrifying than two creepy monsters discussing horrific things to do to kids. From The Independent:

The 40-year-old spent months chatting with individuals online about a “mutual interest in abducting, raping, murdering, and eating children”, before going on to discuss specific plans to kidnap and murder a child in an underground, soundproof chamber.

In the web chats, Portway boasted of his intention to lock children in the basement of his Massachusetts home, which was equipped with a steel cage, a child-sized home-made coffin, scalpels, butchering kits, freezers and castration tools.

Under the terms of a plea agreement, Portway pleaded guilty to distribution and possession of child pornography and solicitation to commit a crime of violence – the kidnaping of a child. I’m so pleased the FBI found this monster but the totally scary thing is, there are many Portways out there with probably just as many horrible things hiding in their basements. So one down, thousands more to go, and in the meantime, I’m going to make all my kids sleep in my room tonight. I don’t know how we stop monsters like these thinking about committing such terrifying crimes, but I do know I hope this one has a happy little “accident” in prison.