Geniuses Sell Coffee to Parents in the School Drop-Off Line

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The act of parenting mostly comprises waiting for things and wishing you had a cup of coffee, often at the same time. Now some geniuses or guardian angels descended upon the school drop-off line at the Expedition School, a charter school in North Carolina, to rescue waiting parents from a state of insufficient caffeination with a new coffee truck ready with espresso every morning.

According to Today, the guardian angels of Expedition School parents are Heather and Gabriel Rael, who recently opened a food truck called Caffe Ole.

“My husband was waiting in line recently to pick up our daughter and seeing all the cars just sitting there,” said Heather Rael to Today. “He thought it would be nice to be able to get out of his car and get something to drink. He also remembered when I was a teacher and I always wanted a place where I could get a good cup of coffee, so hence the coffee truck at the school.”

For the past week, at the start of the day, every weekday, Rael has been parking her food truck at the back of the parking lot where it is not in anyone’s way, so people can get coffee before or after waiting in the line to drop off their kids and it doesn’t disrupt the drop-off line, which is good because disrupting the drop-off line is one of those things that makes certain parents blow their tops. There’s no top-blowing going on around Caffe Ole, though. Everyone just seems really excited to have it, especially the teachers.

Some parents are showing up early to get coffee before getting in the drop-off line, so they can have the coffee while they wait. Others are going after they drop their kids off. Heather Rael is a genius. Is it too early to have her made a saint? The Patron Saint of School Drop-Off Lines sounds like a nice title.

Other parents in the area must be going totally nuts to know that the Expedition School has a coffee truck and they don’t. I mean, I’d move school districts for this. I thought I prized education above nearly all else, but at this point I am legitimately thinking, “Fuck your test scores. Tell me which school has a coffee truck parked in front of it.”