Geniuses Disguise Marijuana Plant as Christmas Tree, Think Cops Won’t Notice

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Much is made of the alleged subtlety and cleverness of hiding in plain sight, but that technique literally never works. Have people who talk about hiding in plain sight ever actually played Hide and Seek? I’ve tried it a couple times, and every time my fellow hide-and-seekers are just like, “Liz is sitting there on that bench. WTF, Liz?” Hiding in plain sight never works, not even if you are a giant cannabis plant dressed as a Christmas tree, which is what some police officers in the U.K. found last week.

According to the Telegraph, some marijuana cultivators in Cheltenham thought they were being very clever by dressing their plant up to look like a Christmas tree. Somehow they were surprised when the local police saw past all the tinsel and bows and said, “That is a pot plant.”

The amused police posted a photo of the plant to Twitter.

“Not your traditional Xmas tree!” they wrote. “Two arrested in Cheltenham on suspicion of cannabis cultivation.”

That’s an interesting use of the word “suspicion,” but there’s probably a legal reason for writing “suspicion” instead of “marijuana plant with an angel on top of it.”

Police raided the home last week and say they uncovered and seized a small-scale marijuana farm with equipment.

The guys who decorated their plant up like Christmas decorations are out on bail at the moment, but if police ever need to find them again, it probably won’t be that hard. They’ll be the guys walking around in fake glasses thinking nobody can recognize them.