Genetic Lottery: Match These Child Models With Their Supermodel Moms

supermodel children

It’s pretty normal for children to want to follow in their parents’ footsteps. If my daughter could figure out what I do all day when I sit around with a computer in my lap, I’m sure she would be interested. When I was a little kid, I always thought that I would be a teacher like my mother.

Well these famous offspring aren’t waiting around for silly things like driver’s licenses or even double-digits before they take over their parents’ jobs. These genetically gifted youngins are entering the modeling world, just like their pretty mamas. (Or in some cases, sisters and aunties.)

A couple of these gorgeous kids have already earned major media attention, but others are just beginning to get their names out there.

So let’s play a little game. Flip through the gallery and try to match the child model with their supermodel mother. Good luck. And let us know about any precocious little smizer that we missed.


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