8 Knock-Off Kid Products Better Than The Brand Name Version

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Kids are expensive. And springing for name-brand versions of the things you need to keep them healthy, alive, and not crusted in old food and dried saliva is even more expensive – why waste money on the fancy brands? Save your pennies for that college fund instead. (Or for that Mommy Juice fund. You do you, okay?) Here are eight cheap-o knockoffs generic equivalents that are at least as good as the famous brands.

1. Pampers diapers

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Pampers diapers are incredibly absorbent, snug, and have cute Sesame Street characters on them. Target’s store-brand diapers meet two of three of those qualifications, and cost about 30% less, which is a price I’m willing to pay not to have Grover’s blue furry face smiling out at me from a broccoli-laden pants-load. Also, Target’s diapers actually have a generous enough waistband to fit my son’s adorably generous waist.

2. Pampers wipes

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Costco wipes are just as odorless, just as damp, and they come conveniently sized in bajillion-packs so that you only need to go shopping for them once between your kid’s birth and the happy day he’s finally potty trained.

3. Nutri-Grain bars

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My requirements for cereal bars are 1.) they come in wrappers so that I can throw a dozen of them in the diaper bag for when I need them, and 2.) they are filled with some food- or food-adjacent substance. The real Nutri-Grain bars come in a variety of a dozen or more flavors; the super cheap store brand, Shurfine, only comes in ‘blueberry’, ‘strawberry’, and ‘who care, you’re going to eat it anyway’.

4. Similac formula

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Of course the very best formula is whichever kind you can get your baby to actually drink. Store-brand formulas (cough, Target again, cough) has literally the exact same funky-smelling powdered nutrition in it as Similac and Gerber. Plus, I never bloodied my finger on the foil lining in the Target containers like I did with the Similac version. It’s okay, kids, that just means extra iron for you!

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