This Gender Reveal Party Fail Has Everybody but the Mom in Stitches

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The gender reveal party is a pretty well-trod road at this point. They’re all basically the same. Some people have cakes. Some people open boxes of balloons. There’s not generally that much suspense involved, though. In the vast majority of situations, the balloons or frosting will be either pink or blue, and the color will tell everybody the baby’s sex. It’s a pretty simple procedure, and there are very few ways it can go wrong.

When it does, though, it’s hilarious.

PopSugar’s Kate Schweitzer found a “gender reveal party fail” video from a couple named Joe and Leela Krummel, who had gone to a party store to buy a gender reveal party. (This is a thing you can buy now.) They gave the store a sealed envelope from their doctor, which told the store to fill a box with pink balloons for a girl or blue balloons for a boy.

Someone at the store fucked up, though, and when the Krummels opened their box in front of a video camera and 30 of their closest friends, a rainbow popped out.

“What the fuck!?” shouted Joe Krummel, right in front of the couple’s perplexed toddler. (The toddler was not disappointed. He didn’t care if he was getting a sister or a brother, he just wanted the balloons.)

“The whole party was ruined by a party store with an incompetent balloon employee who clearly had no idea what a gender reveal party is,” Krummel wrote on his YouTube video.

The assembled friends started cracking up as soon as they saw the rainbow. To be fair, for the friends this screw-up was probably a fantastic development. Gender reveal parties are often kind of boring for guests, and this sudden surprise was probably the most interesting turn a gender reveal party could possibly take.

Leela Krummel didn’t think it was funny at all, though. She looked really angry and upset, and now I feel really bad for laughing so hard when the balloons popped out. After the initial disappointment wore off, though, Krummel got over it and seemed to realize that the screw-up was really funny.

Then they went back to the party store and got a new box and went on with the party and everything was fine.


It’s a boy! And also it’s a viral video! The Gender Reveal Party Fail video has been viewed nearly 500,000 times. The successful party video has only been viewed about 270,000 times, and most of those were people who came over from the failure video who wanted to see how everything worked out.

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