Gunmen Shoot 9 People, Including Children, in Attack on Ohio Gender Reveal Party

One woman is dead and eight other people were injured this weekend when two men with guns attacked a gender reveal party near Cincinnati, Ohio. Police say they do not yet know why this happened, what the men’s motive was, or even who they were.

Gunmen started shooting right after the party.

According to CNN, the gender reveal party was held at the pregnant woman’s house on Saturday. The pregnant woman’s friends and family had all come to her house to have a party and find out the sex of the upcoming baby. It was a happy party that turned tragic, and now one woman is dead and eight others were seriously injured.

They had finished up the party–the baby was going to be a boy–but around a dozen people were still at the house that evening when it happened. Everyone was reportedly sitting down to watch a Spider-Man movie in the living room when witnesses say two men with handguns came through the front door and opened fire.

The shooting only went on for maybe a minute or two, witnesses say, and the men fled on foot. They got away, too.

Nine people were shot.

The woman who died was Autumn Garrett, a 22-year-old woman with two young children. She was from Indiana and was visiting for her cousin’s party. Her two children and her husband were reportedly among the wounded, which means they were at the party when it happened, and two small children just watched their mother be murdered right in front of them while they were supposed to be eating cake and watching Spider-Man.

In addition to Garrett, eight other people were also shot, including an eight-year-old, a six-year-old, and a two-year-old.

One of the bullets hit the pregnant woman who was hosting the party in the leg. She suffered a miscarriage because of the injury.

Police have no idea why this happened.

The gunmen entered through the front door, but police say they don’t know if the men broke in, or if the door was opened, or if they were invited. Police say they don’t even know if the gunmen were specifically targeting the people in the house. They may have been attacking the party on purpose, or they could have had attacked the wrong people by accident. Or it may have been random, with no personal reason for attacking the people in that house specifically.

The gunmen fled on foot and have not yet been caught. Police say they’re still investigating.

(Image: iStockPhoto / Mccallk69)

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