Hasbro Called Out By Eighth Grader For Sexist Easy-Bake Sexy Oven For Girls

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Pink and purple are girl colors. They are the colors used in Hasbro’s Easy-Bake Oven, because girls are all about the sexy colors. They are the colors of sexy girls and sexy little girl appliances for baking sexy tiny cakes and cookies and possibly even sexy brownies and eighth grade student McKenna Pope has had enough of this nonsense, because all her four-year-old brother wants for Christmas is an Easy Bake Oven. In a gender neutral color. And a dinosaur. But we have no word on whether or not the dinosaur should be in a gender-neutral color. From the Mary Sue:

Miffed by the suggestion that cooking is somehow not a sufficiently “manly” interest for young boys, Pope started a petition to get Hasbro to include boys on its packaging and to offer the Easy-Bake Oven in gender-neutral colors like red, blue, and green.

You go McKenna, and get those executives at Hasbro to stop marketing this toy to girls. They even have it under the “Toys For Girls” section of the website. When are toy companies going to realize that we no longer need toys and games marketed to girls or boys, but just to kids in general? And having an oven for kids to bake with that is “for girls” is just stupid considering that there are so many male chefs, and so many celebrity male chefs. I hope McKenna’s petition results in a huge Easy-Bake overhaul, but more than this, I hope someone amazing like Anthony Bourdain gets word of this and invites McKenna’s brother to whip up some Galantine with him or something.

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If you had an Easy-Bake oven as a kid, I’m sure you remember that even though they were sort of horribly messy and didn’t cook anything properly fun, a toy oven can’t compare to working in the kitchen under adult supervision and being able to cook real food using real culinary tools. Even a kid who is only four-years-old is capable of helping in the kitchen, and all kids, boys and girls, are being handed a huge disservice if they can’t cook a few meals by the time they graduate high school. And succeed at other “womanly” arts, such as sewing on a button, doing their own laundry, and welding.

You can sign the Easy-Bake Petition here, and in McKenna’s own words:

Please, sign this petition, help me in creating gender equality, and help the children of today become what they’re destined to be tomorrow.

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