Parents Cranky Because They Felt A School Spirit ‘Gender Bender’ Day Would Give Their Kids The Gay

Gender Bender Elementary School DayOh man, even I know this  gender bender elementary school day sounds like a bad idea and I’m one of those parents who has zero issue with kids dressing like members of the opposite sex. Bring on the boys in skirts and the girls in mustaches! Actually, my own daughter received a set of mustaches two years ago from Santa. STORY BREAK!

So I do this thing with my kids around the holidays when catalogues arrive, and I let them mark the pages of these catalogues in order to give Santa an idea of what they want. My daughter who was six at the time came running into the room SO EXCITED because she had found something she wanted more than anything. I can remember her saying:


And it was a set of mustaches. And this is what she got. And she wore them daily until I actually had to use eyelash glue to attach them to her upper lip because she all of the sticky stuff had worn off. She LOVED her facial hair until one of her creepy little friends informed her that girls CAN’T have mustaches. Sad. But she went through a big phase where she was madly in love with having a mustache. On occasion she will draw one on with sharpie but I can tell she is not doing it as joyfully and unselfconsciously as she once was, because she will freak out and scrub her face before leaving the house.

Anyway, I interrupted this regularly scheduled article for this story break because um, I knew that my kid playing with gender roles or wearing something manly would not give her the gay, because she wasn’t born gay. Some parents think that kids can catch the gay but it just doesn’t work that way. So when this elementary school in Milwaukee decided to have a “Gender Bender”  elementary school day as part of their school spirit week a lot of parents got real cranky. From the Daily Mail:

Parents have complained that a Wisconsin elementary school is promoting homosexuality through its ‘Gender Bender’ theme day.

As part of the Milwaukee school’s ‘Spirit Week’ pupils from kindergarten to eighth grade were encouraged to dress like the opposite sex.

But parents described the voluntary event as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘creepy’, fearing it would encourage homosexuality among children.

Sam Ward, who has a child at the school, told Fox News 6: ‘I think it’s just teaching them the wrong lesson about gender. If you’re a boy, stay a boy. You shouldn’t have something like that at school.’

Other parents chose to keep their children at home rather then send to Tippecanoe School for the Arts and Humanities on the theme day last Friday.

One mother, who asked not to be named, said she had no problem with teenagers having a fun day dressing like the opposite sex, but her seven-year-old son had been confused by the event. 

Deidri Hernandez, who was so incensed about ‘Gender Bender Day’ she complained to principal Jeffrey Krupar, said: ‘Having students dress as “transvestites” will distract from the learning process.’

Ms Hernandez also said the event would promote the acceptance of homosexuality, according to the Huffington Post.

In effort to appease parents, the school changed the name to ‘Switch It Up Day’ but Ms Hernandez said: ‘They might as well call it “Transgender Day”.’


I can see not having this gender bender elementary school day because for one, it seems like it would give kids a chance to ape up all sorts of awful gay stereotypes as they minced off to the cafeteria wearing their ball gowns and boas and two, of course parents are going to lose their shit over this because OMG IT WILL GIVE KIDS THE GAY. It just doesn’t seem like any of it is worth the trouble because even though we are as a nation more tolerant and accepting and normal, there are still many people who feel OMG THE GAY. Keep the school spirit days to boring ones like pajama day or hippie day or whatever shit my kids remind me of one the day they have to dress up with 15 minutes before the bus comes. This is AMERICUH and we do not want our kids catching the gay from wearing dresses or suit coats!
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