Mom Charges Her Family 40 Dollars Per Plate to Eat Christmas Dinner at Her House

Imagine walking into your family Christmas dinner and being asked to cough up a couple of $20 bills. Sound absurd? Not if you’re a member of the Andrews family! Gemma Andrews is a British mother who has been hosting and charging for, Christmas dinner for a few years now, reports Romper.

Gemma Andrews started out charging about $10 a head, but the cost of attending Christmas dinner has gone up to nearly $40 per person.


While I’m not one to say no to a great home-cooked meal especially during the holidays when people pull out all the stops I can’t say I would be happy with having to pay for Christmas dinner. However, after Andrews explained her situation, asking for a dinner cover charge might not be that bad an idea.

”I tried doing the ”˜bring a dish,’ come, Christmas Eve, people were saying, ”˜Oh, I forgot to get it,’ so on Christmas Eve [I’m] running around trying to find a bag of prawns,” she explained on The Morning show.

As you might expect, many people were pretty upset with the idea of paying for Christmas dinner. However, after explaining how every year her food expenses kept growing with her growing and aging family, Andrews might just be on to something. Still, people have taken to social media to criticize Andrews’ idea. Some have even resorted to calling her a Grinch, which is ridiculous because the Grinch steals other people’s Christmas dinners.

However, others have come to her defense noting that Christmas dinner can get expensive, no matter the size of your family. After all, isn’t paying to eat just as expensive and far more convenient – than bringing a dish for a potluck?

In two weeks I will be going to my family Christmas dinner. I have a large, very German and Irish family who loves two things: food and alcohol. Every year I wonder how my aunt is able to accommodate everyone – she is clearly a superhero. But as I sit here thinking about Andrews’ idea and picturing the delicious dinner I’ll be enjoying soon, I can’t help but think that I actually would pay for it. This is especially true if paying for dinner would help ease the holiday stress on my aunt.

Would you pay for your Christmas dinner? Or if you host, would you ever think of charging your guests?

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