Gay Adoption Is Like Cocaine, Says Swiss Politician

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So much for Switzerland being neutral. Or at least this one politician who says that legalizing same-sex adoption would be like legalizing cocaine (you know, that drug that kills people). Christophe Darbellay, leader of the center-right Christian Democrats, made his comments in response to a vote in the legal committee of the upper house parliament to change the law to make it easier for same-sex couples to adopt, reports The Advocate.

As it stands now, single gays and lesbians can adopt children on their own, but same-sex couples cannot adopt (yeah, I’m scratching my head over that one, too). And a same-sex partner cannot adopt the other’s biological partner, either. Of course, same-sex couples are adopting children anyway, but that doesn’t mean it should be made legal, argues Darbellay.

“I wouldn’t suddenly legalize cocaine just because half a million people consume it,” he told The Local.

Thankfully, people are not taking his comments sitting down. The Association for Rainbow Families found it insulting that a leading politician would go ahead and compare same-sex parents with coke addicts. “His homophobia shocks us,” said co-president Chatty Ecoffey.

Darbellay later defended his statement, claiming, “I didn’t want to insult anyone. I simply wanted to say that just because something exists, does not mean that it has to be legalized.”

Here’s a novel idea: How about creating laws that keep children safe and in a loving environment? Last I checked, someone’s sexuality doesn’t play a factor in either of those.

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