The ‘Godfather Of Hipsterdom’ Mansplains What’s Wrong With Feminism

GavinMcInnes__1382558240_142.196.156.251Gavin McInnes is  a mouth-breathing Neanderthal. No, it’s cool – I’m not insulting him – he likes it that way. That he is a mouth-breathing, misogynist, Neanderthal is what got him where he is today. He co-founded Vice magazine and is known as the “Godfather of Hipsterdom” – and he never could have done all that if he didn’t have testicles. Yay, testosterone! Grrrrrr. Men rule.

A discussion on HuffPost Live about the contemporary meaning of masculinity devolved into the only female on the panel being called a “fucking idiot” because she dared disagree with his views on feminism and gender roles, namely that all feminists are miserable and that all women just want to fulfill their biological imperative to breed and be homemakers. And bake pies. They probably want to bake pies, too. I added that last bit:

Women are forced to pretend to be men. They’re feigning this toughness. They’re miserable. Study after study has shown that feminism has made women less happy. They’re not happy in the work force, for the most part. I would guess 7 percent [of women] like not having kids, they want to be CEOs, they like staying at the office all night working on a proposal, and all power to them. But by enforcing that as the norm, you’re pulling these women away from what they naturally want to do, and you’re making them miserable.

Seven percent of women like not having kids? Oooh, we’re making up statistics now, I want to play! I would guess 99.9% of feminists want to throat punch Gavin McInnes. I realize that would be totally out of character, because we are the weaker sex. If he’s comfortable stereotypically pontificating that all women are miserable if they’re not breeding and taking care of their families, then I’m comfortable stereotypically pontificating that he is so angry and disturbed by feminism because he’s got a small penis, a woman once told him that – and he’s been a misogynist ever since.

Gavin also thinks women should just stay home and breed because men are better in the workplace because they can tell others to fuck off better than women can:

There is an element of violence or at least toughness in running a business. Just the other day, this co-worker was telling us, “What the fuck, you moved this director over to this other job? And I had to come back and say, “Don’t come and give me this ‘what the fuck’ shit, okay? It was almost like a fist-fight with words and I had to do that in order to generate income to pay my bills to feed my children.”

Ha. Okay.

“My gut says the majority of women like being domestic and shaping lives.”

Thank you for speaking for the majority of women. We’ve been looking for a contemporary mouthpiece. I mean, we have Jenn Pozner, Jessica Valenti, Soraya Chemaly, and Andi Zeisler – but they’re not really working out. What feminists really need is advice from someone who started a whole “movement” based on the importance of facial hair and skinny jeans and derived fame from being an intolerable racist.

(photo: Twitter)

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