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22 Game Of Thrones Names That Could Actually Work For A Real Kid

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It’s a shame that this character is such a horrible person, because the name Cersei is actually very pretty and unique. The name on it’s own is so unusual that you may be willing to overlook the character traits of the person it’s based on, however there is a LOT to overlook. Cersei Lannister is a villian in the series, she is the Queen by marriage to King Robert Baratheon and after his death she is the Queen Mother to Joffrey, and then Tommen. At the risk of spoiling too much, she does end up a Queen in her own right, however to get there she has done some horrible things. If you’re looking for a name for a girl that is exotic, and named after a strong female lead then Cercei is a good option… minus perhaps all the evil stuff.

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