Gallery: Mickey Mouse And Other Classic Characters That Don’t Need To Be Hip

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Remember back in the good ol’ days, when Mickey Mouse was just a guy who wanted to hang out with pals and steal a kiss from a girl with a polka-dot bow? Back in Mickey’s innocent heyday, he whistled and helped his friends get out of trouble. That Mickey, he was a stand-up guy.

The Mickey Mouse of today looks a little different. And with catch phrases like, “I’m the mouse that’s gonna rock the house,” Mickey sounds a little different too. Apparently, Mickey got an update.

But did America’s favorite rodent really need to be a rock star? I’m pretty sure he’s loaded already. And I like the classic, simple Mickey. I hate seeing him turned into a cocky musician. Next thing you know, he’ll claim to have moves like Jagger, and then there’s no stopping him.

While we’re on the subject of classic toys that don’t really need to be hip or cool, I have a few more characters that deserve to have their wholesome identities preserved.