Gallery: Nine Things Pregnant Women Do To Earn The Unsolicited Ire Of Strangers

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It’s not easy to be a pregnant woman in America. Not just because our maternity leave sucks, but it’s also the time in a woman’s life when the entire world around you feels completely justified in judging every move you make and letting you know if it’s not appropriate.

Last night, I caught the very end of The Office, only because it was on my DVR right before Whitney but whatever, and Pam and Angela must both be pregnant. Angela told Pam that she’d called social services on her for drinking herbal tea in a cup with caffeinated coffee residue in it while she was pregnant. My best guess is that the entire episode involved Angela telling Pam all of the things she was doing wrong and just how much she was going to ruin her baby’s life by drinking a little tea while pregnant.

The whole routine might have seemed funny, but for pregnant women, I would imagine that it seems pretty familiar. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I managed a spa and salon. I was frequently told off by customers who thought that I was putting my baby in harm’s way by being around all those perm fumes and hair dye. There are plenty of stories of bars refuses to serve pregnant women, even though one or two drinks during your last trimester is completely safe. In general, because there’s a baby involved, most people are pretty comfortable telling a pregnant woman just what she can and can’t do.

Here’s a few things that can get preggos into trouble with just about any rude, intrusive person they see.