Girl, Age 12, Hangs Herself After Being Called A ‘Slut’ Online – RIP Gabrielle Molina

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 Gabrielle Molina Suicide Due To Internet BullyingGabrielle Molina‘s body was discovered by her older sister, Georgia, in the shared bedroom of their home in Queens. Friends of the young girl have suggested to police that Gabby took her own life due to cyberbullying after a video of her engaging in a fistfight with another classmate was uploaded to You Tube. When Georgia got home, with help from her grandmother, they forced the door to the bedroom open to find Gabby hanging there. From the NY Daily News:

The parents knew Gabby had been having some trouble with bullies at school, including the fistfight earlier this spring. But the full extent of what she endured came to light only after her suicide.

“They called her a slut and a whore. All this she wrote in her journal. I just found out. I didn’t touch her journal before (the suicide). That’s personal,” the mother said.

“Her sister knew. She said, ‘Mom, she asked me to keep it secret,’” Molina said.

The report goes on to state that the young girl had a history of self-harming and that a recent breakup may have caused some of her depression, but other friends claim she was usually happy and cheerful. Detectives have taken two computers from the home to analyze.

My heart is broken for this family and this young girl. This is such a young age and I’m starting to think the only way we can save these kids from being driven to suicide is by policing their online activity at every second and setting up huge task forces that put a stop to all bullying both on and offline. I know that everyone is aware that parents need to pay strict attention to what their own kids are doing online, but the issue is the other parents who aren’t doing that. It sounds, sadly enough, that this little girl had issues with depression but I’m sure being bullied by her classmates didn’t help. I’m so sick of these stories. I’m so sick of the cruelty kids subject other kids to. I’ve said this a million times, but please speak to your kids about bullying and what to do in case they think a friend is in trouble. We owe it to little girls like Gabby.

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