Gabi Fresh And Her Collection Of Retro ‘Barbie’ Swimwear Are Going To Slay This Summer

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Credit: Instagram / @swimsuitsforall

With summer just around the corner, you might be doing some swimwear shopping. Which isn’t always (or ever!) fun, right? You might also be regretting the indulging you did over the holidays. But you shouldn’t. We hear so much about summer bodies and beach bodies and getting ready for the summer. And you know what? Eff that. Do you have a body? Wonderful! Guess what? You have a beach body. This focus on thinness and unattainable beauty standards is tired and old, and we’re pretty much over it. Our bodies do amazing things for us every single day, and they deserve our love and respect. This message is one of the reasons we love Gabi Fresh so much. The fashion designer/blogger/body-positivity queen is a hero. And her new line of Retro Barbie swimwear is all we want this summer.

Gabi Fresh is one of the co-founders of plus-size fashion brand Premme, so she knows her stuff. But this line of Retro Barbie swimwear? Total game changer.

Gabi teamed up with Swimsuits For All on the amazing line, and we are drooling over every single piece in the collection. Because here’s the thing: plus-size swimwear doesn’t have to be dowdy, and it doesn’t have to cover you up, and contrary to popular belief, not every plus-size swimsuit needs a damn skirt. The pieces in the Retro Barbie line are cute, sexy, and stylish. They come in sizes 10-26, and most of the bikini tops are cup sized up to G/H. No more grabbing a few sizes to see if they work – these suits are made for plus-size bodies, and they’re made to make them look GOOD.

Plus-size fashion has been needing an overhaul for some time now, and Gabi Fresh is making it happen.

The Retro Barbie line features 10 swimsuits, plus a maxi dress/cover-up that we would seriously wear all the time. And with prices ranging from $58.50 to $90, they’re totally affordable and in line with other name-brand swimwear. Gabi Fresh consistently raises the game in the fashion world, and this step in particular is special. Gabi says, “I’m really proud of my work with Swimsuits for All. Each season, we try to do something that hasn’t been done before, and I really think this is the most diverse major swim campaign I’ve seen. I love that I’m able to truly be creative not only in designing quality swimsuits in a large range of sizes but also with our visual imagery — and I hope people love this collection and photo shoot as much as I do!”

You’ll see us in one of these gorgeous suits this summer, without a doubt. Representation and inclusivity for the win!