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9 More Jobs Being A Mom Totally Qualifies You To Do

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Being a mom can be challenging. Kids get into fights and need Mom to arbitrate; they hurt themselves and get sick; they even want to be fed on a regular basis, the pesky little buggers. With all the wound care, household engineering, and early childhood education they do on a daily basis, is there any job a stay-at-home mom like myself isn’t qualified to do after a sadly unsalaried tenure as CEO, chief financial planner, and child psychologist?

Some people don’t think so, but I don’t think most lists of this kind go far enough. Of course as a stay-at-home mom I feel fully ready to walk out of the house today and become a pediatrician or family court lawyer without those pesky years of medical or law school (not to mention the crushing mountain of student debt that would come along for the ride). But why not aim even higher? Here are some careers that moms are just as qualified for as the so-called “professionals” – if not even more so!

1. Astronaut

barbie-astronaut-gifHow better to prepare yourself for being enclosed in a frustratingly cramped space than a trip to Target in the family van?

2. Neurosurgeon

brain-surgery-gifStay-at-home moms almost certainly have the fine motor skills necessary for this kind of surgery thanks to years of doing the detail work on delicate art and science fair projects. And maybe the kids can help out in the operating theater just like they sometimes do with their homework!

3. Combat Pilot

plane-crash-gifOf course coming under fire from anti-aircraft missiles is stressful. But is it as stressful as trying to get your one-year-old to take a nap?

4. Computer Programmer

equestria-girls-keyboard-smashComputers speak in code, and so do tiny people. How hard can it be to learn Perl once you’ve figured out that “Nee noo muh” is how your baby says “thank you, mommy”?

5. Archaeologist

archaeologist-smashes-skull-gifIf you’ve ever unearthed a pacifier from the depths of the couch cushions, you are probably on track to dig up the lost city of Atlantis.

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