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12 Mommy Martyr E-Cards To Remind You That Being A Mom Is Hard

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If you’ve ever used social media, and if you’ve ever popped a baby out of your lady hole, then you have most definitely seen a mommy martyr e-card.

The new e-card phenomenon is quite interesting. Most of the time, you’re not really sending an e-card to anyone in particular, as you would a piece of snail mail. Instead, modern day e-cards are used as advertisements: Post them on Facebook or pin them on Pinterest to show what your #momlife is all about.

I honestly think some mom e-cards are really funny, and I may or may not have liked a few in the past month. These funny e-cards were clearly created by self-deprecating moms with a sense of humor. But every now and again, I see a really strange e-card on my Facebook feed. This e-card may perpetuate the sad sack mom stereotype, or it may simply be a cry for help.

I’m still trying to figure them out myself, so you tell me. Behold—the saddest of the sad mommy martyr e-cards on social media:

1. Turns Out That Mom Brain Is A Permanent Side Effect Of Pregnancy.

ecard12. The Perfect E-Card To Scare Congratulate A Pregnant Friend.

ecard23. Mommy Is Tired, Oh So Tired. She Also Refers To Herself In Third Person.

ecard34. The Ole “Said No One Ever” Shtick Never Gets Old.

ecard45. But Wait, There’s More…

ecard86. Multitasking Moms Are Worthy Of All Praise.

ecard57. Moms Never Catch A Break.

ecard68. Baby Talk Has Been Proven To Rot Mom Brains.

ecard79. Count Yourself Lucky If You Get To Eat At A Table Ever Again.

ecard910. Better Yet, Just Plan To Live In Prison For The Next 18 Years.


11. Babies Are Just Tiny Tyrants, Yuk Yuk Yuk.

ecard1012. Don’t You Know That Good Moms Never Sleep?!?


(Image: Pinterest; someecards)