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14 Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week

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This week so many parents are starting to gear up for the summer break when kids aren’t at school and are instead sitting at home whining about how bored they are. The funniest tweets from parents this week touch on that and marriage, and all the other annoying real life things that happen when you’re raising children.

Check out the funniest tweets from parents this week and get yourself a laugh, come solidarity and some blessings that it wasn’t just you.

1. Playing Ball

2. Takes a Village

3. Graffiti Art

4. Ugh, Unnecessary!

5. Roses Are Red

6. So Much Better

7. Hmm, good or bad?

8. Accurate

9. Another Accurate Fact

10. Look at Him!

11. OOF, Rough

12. Yes, the Best

13. Congratulations

14. Oh the Reactions

 How was your week? Anything funny or unusual happen to you? Did your children drive you up the wall? Share in the comments!

(Image: iStock / AlexRaths)