Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

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While exploring the great outdoors is always a good time, sometimes staying inside can be just as fun. With that said, explaining to your kids that they’re going to spend the day indoors can often cause some serious uproar. But, lucky for you, it doesn’t have to. In fact, staying indoors can be the perfect time to try a new game, craft or recipe that wouldn’t otherwise interest your little one. Ready to prove that being stuck inside isn’t necessarily a negative? We’re with you!

Read on for a roundup of fun indoor activities for kids. 

Indoor Bowling
Grab the kids and construct your own indoor bowling alley! The best part? You can make it in minutes with items you already have in the house. Arrange a few toilet paper rolls like bowling pins at one end of a hallway, and stack up a few balled-up socks on the other side. Use the balled up socks to bowl at the “pins,” and you’re set. Strike!


Learn with Play-Doh
Who knew there was so much potential in plain ol’ Play-Doh? Whether you buy a batch or whip up your own, there are so many ways to create, build, play and learn with Play-Doh. The Artful Parent shares some innovative Play-Doh ideas like color mixing, print making, opening a Playdough bakery and even trying out a few science experiments on her site.


Create an Indoors Camp Site
Break out your pop-up or small dome tent, and set up a fun little indoor campsite of your own. If you don’t have the gear, simply drape some sheets over the couch or chairs, and you’re good to go. Make it extra comfortable with air mattresses, blankets, pillows and sleeping bags. And, don’t forget to encourage your kids to cozy up inside with a favorite picture book or toy! Bonus: whip up some picnic-perfect finger foods to be enjoyed inside the tent. The great indoors has never looked better.


Host a Delightful “Tea” Party
Change into your fanciest duds and set the table with your most beautiful china! Serve up tea for you, juice or chocolate milk for your kids, tiny tea sandwiches in fun shapes (just use a cookie cutter!) and tasty sugar cookies to munch on over some fun conversation. As far as the guest list goes, tell your littles to invite their favorite furry friends and dolls to join the party. Did we mention it’s the perfect time to brush up on those manners?

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