18 Facts About ‘The Golden Girls’ You Never Heard Until Now

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Stanley Zbornak’s Untimely End

Image: Redbubble/IndecentDesigns

Stan was Dorothy’s philandering ex-husband, the one who up and married a much younger airhead after his and Dorothy’s long delayed divorce. Stanley spends most of his time on the show still very much in love with Dorothy although he can’t and couldn’t ever truly and properly commit. He’s also a pain in Sophia’s backside. Though we see Stan in the last episode of Golden Girl’s, hale and whole, we find out in the subsequent Golden Palace that Stan is probably dead. The date and location of his death are listed as 1996 in Spain, where he was hiding out from the IRS. Why did we use the ‘probably’ qualifier? Only Sophia can see Stan, and it seems that this may be because she’s finally starting to succumb to her old age.

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