18 Facts About ‘The Golden Girls’ You Never Heard Until Now

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Stay high?

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A theory has popped up on the net, first penned by Darcie Wilder. In it, she states that Rose as we mostly knew her was on drugs, which were affecting her batty personality. For a close watcher, her theory is spot on. That’s right, folks. One Rose Nylund was strung out for the first entire four seasons of the show. How do we know? The episode ‘High Anxiety’ found Rose suddenly trying to dry out from the pain pills she admited to being on for thirty some years. When the other ladies tried to convince Rose that this is a problem, she at first denied it. Then, she agreed to go to a rehab program. The girls worried that the Rose that came home from said program would be completely different than the woman they knew. However, dingbat Rose came back quite recognizable.

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