18 Facts About ‘The Golden Girls’ You Never Heard Until Now

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Doors are closed

Image: Instagram/extreme_multifandom__101

A Manhattan cafe was opened in 2017 that was half eatery and half Golden Girls museum. The owner, a personal friend of Rue McClanahan’s, decorated the space to look like a TV set laden with Golden Girls memorabilia. People like Lin-Manuel Miranda and other super fans flocked to the cafe, making it a popular destination. Yet, the cafe closed at the end of 2017 with no solid plans to reopen. The owner called the cafe’s run a “rehearsal,” but it seems like this show may not be going to production. Why?! We need more places like this. Can there be a Golden Girls cocktail bar? If so, that’s what heaven may look like. However, in the meantime, you can pick up Golden Girls produ

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