18 Facts About ‘The Golden Girls’ You Never Heard Until Now

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Not so old

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Despite their great chemistry and Getty’s natural ability to pull all the girls together, Getty, the actress that played Sophia Petrillo, was in fact a year younger than her TV daughter. Estelle was born in July of 1923. Bea was born in May of 1922. They also were both born in New York and died in Los Angeles, a year apart. Getty passed in 2008, and Bea followed months later in 2009. A final thing the ladies shared in common was their family size. Both ladies had two children, sons, from their marriages.  In order of birth the Golden Girls go like this- Betty White (January, 1922), Bea Arthur (May, 1922), Estelle Getty (July, 1923), and Rue McClanahan (February, 1934).

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