Everyone Needs To Chill Out Over These Stupid Rumors About A Frozen Sequel

elsa frozen calm downLet’s get this out of the way first: no, Disney has not inadvertently revealed the name of a secret Frozen sequel by securing a bunch of Internet domain names related to the phrase ‘strange magic’. No matter how much you want it to be true. The latest display of what we can charitably call ‘Frozen Fever’ (because ‘Disney Obsession Disorder’ is a bit harsh) comes from a blog called Stitch Kingdom, which is insisting that Disney is making a Frozen sequel entitled Strange Magic, because … reasons.

Obviously Disney is going to be making a Frozen sequel at some point, because Frozen is a cash cow they’re going to keep mooing as long as possible. But Stitch Kingdom (which proclaims itself the ‘#1 unofficial source for news on Disney’ … agree to disagree, I guess) is 110% convinced that Frozen 2: Strange Magic is going to Be A Thing. Why? Because two different characters in Frozen used the phrase ‘strange magic’. Two characters, you guys!! It’s clearly meant to be!

For those of us who live on Planet Earth and not in the kingdom of Arendelle, the registration of ‘strange magic’ domain names obviously has something to do with the Marvel/Disney comic book movie Doctor Strange that’s scheduled to come out in 2016. The character of Doctor Strange is also known as the ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ in nerd circles, which might get you a connection to the word ‘magic’ as used in the domain names Disney registered. Stitch Kingdom actually made the connection between Doctor Strange and Strange Magic themselves, as you can see below. But they didn’t let silly little facts like that get in the way of their Frozen freakout, even after someone in the comments pointed out the existence of a forthcoming Doctor Strange movie:

Consider it Disney’s contribution to the ”˜Wheel of Fortune’ ”˜Before and After’ category of puzzles ”” ”˜Doctor Strange Magic.’ Disney today registered several domain names that in no uncertain terms point to a film title ”” Strange Magic. But the strangest bit of it all is that there appears to be little-to-no mention of it anywhere to be found on the interwebs […] I’ll tell you why it’s definitely not Doctor Strange ”” Disney registered it, not Marvel.

‘Doctor Strange Magic’ … God, what could this mysterious riddle mean? I can’t find a single thing on the Interwebs that even hints at the answer! What a puzzle! We may never fully understand Disney’s tortuous ways!

The story has since been picked up by about eighty hojillion other equally-naive outlets, because a certain portion of the population is frantically chomping at the bit for news about a possible sequel to Frozen. Disney hasn’t actually promised the sequel we all know is coming yet, but there is a short film set in the Frozen universe to be released next spring. But a short film is simply not good enough. More Elsa. MORE.

If you are one of the people desperate enough to believe despite all evidence to the contrary, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe an Elsa doll will make an appearance in Toy Story 4, which is apparently a thing that’s going to happen. In the meantime, take a few deep breaths, and then take a trip to Ebay to buy some horrifically overpriced exclusive Frozen toys to ease your pain. It’s all going to be okay … eventually. Just not in 2016, because that’s when you’ll be eating your hearts out at me and all the other comic book fans lining up to see Doctor Strange working his magic on the big screen.

(Image: YouTube)

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