The World’s Most WTF iPhone Game Lets You Give Anna From Frozen A C-Section

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Frozen merchandise has officially gotten out of hand, because some brave, mad app developer has invented a game where you perform a c-section on Anna with your cell phone.

Buzzfeed found and actually played this game so the rest of us don’t have to, and it is more insane than any of us could possibly imagine. It starts out with photos of Anna and Kristoff from Frozen meeting, dating, and getting married. Then Anna is glowing and pregnant, and it is your job to surgically deliver the baby.

Anna is smiley and happy, lying on your iPhone screen like the red-nosed dude in Operation. Now it is your job to deliver the baby. But Anna does not want a crunchy, unassisted home birth, so you get to play with both science and magic to deliver her little Disney baby.

First, you run the cursor over the fetal heart monitor until the heart gauge fills up. Then you use a hypodermic needle to inject something that appears to be an epidural into Anna’s vein, and she falls asleep, still smiling.

At this point, you take a creepy glowing ice orb to freeze Anna’s pregnant belly. This is a terrible idea! Do not apply liquid nitrogen or magic ice powers to pregnant women. Then you take a scalpel and slice Anna’s belly open. She bleeds magenta, then a baby appears.


(Anna Giving Birth / Via Developer: Oleg Vinogorodov via Buzzfeed)

Then you simply wave a magic healing wand to close the wound, at which point Anna’s stomach and waist go back to flat, tiny Disney princess size.

You have won the game! Frankly, I have no idea how you lose the game. The stakes on this one seem very low: Insert knife, remove baby. Insert knife, remove baby. You could do it for a year and never experience a variation.

The game is available in the App Store, because I can only assume that somewhere out there, the person in charge of sending cease and desist notices for Disney is busy doing this.


“I have to let them leave this up just a little bit longer!” he or she is almost certainly thinking. “If they take it down, no one will ever believe me that this happened.”