These Pictures Of Frozen‘s Anna And Elsa As Black Women Prove The World Needs More Diverse Princesses

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juliajm-elsa-via-tumblrThe Frozen train does not appear to be slowing down, and now that a new film short is just a short time away, it doesn’t look like Disney will be letting go of our children any time soon. And now a very cool artist going by Juliajm15 on Tumblr has created some fan art versions of these Disney princesses that I really wish were real.

Julia drew Anna and Elsa as black women, and the art is gorgeous and the characters are stunning. The reaction has been overwhelming. According to The Gloss’ J. Assita Camara, the a picture of Elsa performing “Let It Go” has already generated 84,000 notes on Tumblr. While some people have been racist assholes, because the Internet is a dark and terrible place, according to Buzzfeed the vast majority of people have been enthusiastic and some people have thanked her for the pictures.

One particularly touching commenter wrote:


My cynical old heart is warmed to its very core by the idea that a little girl out there is excited to see an Elsa that looks like her. I want more of that for that little girl.


And it isn’t just little girls who are excited to see themselves represented as Anna and Elsa. Adult women have said these images have helped them feel more confident participating in their own fandoms.


Julia’s images are beautiful, and the comments reveal that there are definitely people out there who want this. Hopefully Disney will notice.

Photos: Tumblr/JuliaJM1