This Freshman Orientation Chant Will Disgust You

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3r3pbg__1378566736_142.196.156.251Student orientation leaders from Saint Mary’s University at Halifax will undergo sensitivity training this week after a video of a ridiculously offensive chant surfaced on Instagram. If you don’t believe rape culture exists, you will after you read the lyrics to this.

From Salon:

The brief clip shows a crowd of students, male and female, chanting, “SMU boys, we like them young. Y is for your sister. O is for oh so tight. U is for underage. N is for no consent. G is for grab that ass.”

S is for shut the eff up you stupid idiots.

Students say the chant has been part of freshman activities “for years.” Nice. If that is true, how is it that no one has taken notice before? Maybe we are finally coming to recognize the problems with rape culture? How a mob chanting about sexual violence has been overlooked in the past is beyond me – I’m just glad that people finally care enough to point out this is disgusting and wrong.

SMU spokesperson Steve Proctor told The Canadian Press that what was performed in the past was a less sexist version of the chant. A “less sexist” version? And what, pray tell, would that be? Oh please, humor me. How could those words be less sexist? Did you also include male victims in your celebration of sexual violence? Good grief.

What a great message for freshman to receive at orientation – one of their first college-level group interactions. Welcome to college, where we condone rape and sing about it! Aren’t ya glad to be here? It was performed by student leaders in front of about 300 first-year students on Monday.

Proctor claims that “all 80 student leaders involved in orientation week and three student union executive members will now take sensitivity training classes. The executive group will also attend a conference on consent and violence.”