Best Gifts For Your Friends Who Are Still Obsessed With ‘Friends’

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The yellow frame

Image: Etsy/YouveGotThisintheBag

If you’re giving any of this awesome stuff as gifts, you’re going to need a gift bag. This is the perfect one for any Friends fanatic. You recognize the yellow peephole frame from Monica’s apartment, right? It was there for the entirety of the show. Funny thing, it wasn’t originally meant to go there. The frame held a picture that was going to be used as decoration inside the apartment. Before taping, the glass in the frame broke. Set design decided to try it out around the peephole and tada! the trademark of Monica’s apartment door was set. If you want to make your own frame, sans the gift bag, you can find a step by step tutorial here.

Want to buy it? Get it from YouveGotThisintheBag on Etsy, $2.50+

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