Best Gifts For Your Friends Who Are Still Obsessed With ‘Friends’

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Image: Etsy/NorthernLiberties

Know what’s better than obscure Friends references? Friends references beside Gilmore Girls ones! Here, you can have both. This print has a cup from Central Perk and from Luke’s Diner, proving that the best TV shows place coffee high up on the list of necessaries. A feature on Huff Post even documented how much coffee the six Friends drank. It says, “London writer Kit Lovelace tracked every cup of coffee consumed on the show throughout its 236 episodes and came up with some fantastic charts. On Tuesday, the writer reshared them over Twitter after “digging through old stuff.” One indicates that it’s Phoebe who drinks the most coffee out of anyone, with 227 cups.”

Want to buy it? Get it from NorthernLiberties on Etsy, $9.80+

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