Best Gifts For Your Friends Who Are Still Obsessed With ‘Friends’

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A couch, a staircase, and an iconic moment

Image: Etsy/Izzashop

What made this TV moment? Was it the situation- with Rachel, Chandler, and Ross trying to move a couch up the stairs and growing more and more irritated with each other? Was it Ross’ tone, that David Schwimmer nasal pitch that’s instantly recognizable? Maybe it was the way the entire drama was relatable. Who would pay for pricey delivery services when you’re sure your friends and you are perfectly capable of lifting the couch yourself? We’ve all pitched in to friends’ moving days, enthusiastically or not. This shirt commemorates the now famous episode called “The One With the Cop.” Weird that the couch fiasco wasn’t even the central story line, right?

Want to buy it? Get it from IzzaShop on Etsy, $18.99+

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