Best Gifts For Your Friends Who Are Still Obsessed With ‘Friends’

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The one with the wine

Image: Etsy/CoconutGarden

Who doesn’t need custom Friends inspired wine labels? Yes, you could use them to celebrate. You could just have them around the house as well, since they make great decoration. Admit it, you’ve always wanted a ‘the one where’ dedicated to you. Okay, we guess you could give them as gifts or outfit some party pieces with them. That would involve giving them away though, which seems unnecessarily selfless. Visit Etsy, slap your or a buddy’s name on there, and you have an instant themed wine bottle. It’s a fun and easy touch of personalized embellishment. You could have a birthday label like the picture suggests, a ‘the one where she graduates,’ or even ‘the one where they get married.’

Want to buy it? Get it from CoconutGarden on Etsy, $4.00+

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