Best Gifts For Your Friends Who Are Still Obsessed With ‘Friends’

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Pacifism is temporary

Image: Etsy/YanelleTreasures

Phoebe says this to the other five when they’re discussing war. Monica is sure she’d make an unmatched general since she has a take no prisoners personality. Chandler is sure she wouldn’t make it that high because she’d be taken out by her own troops. Joey, Ross says, would be on the front lines protecting everyone. It’s then that Phoebe says she, on one hand, has no interest in war. Yet, when the time comes she’s prepared to neutralize them all. Like we said earlier, she’s 100% Luna Lovegood before Luna was a household name. This shirt is a perfect reminder of that.

Want to buy it? Get it from YanelleTreasures on Etsy, $5.74

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