Best Gifts For Your Friends Who Are Still Obsessed With ‘Friends’

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Marry me, Joey

Image: Etsy/MeetMeInShermer

Joey presided over the weddings of both Monica to Chandler and Phoebe to Mike. You can use his…interesting…speech in a custom card for your Friends loving newlyweds. Interestingly, fans have continued to use the internet to say that Phoebe shouldn’t have ended up marrying the guy that was her ‘lobster.’ Instead, people have some strong feelings about Phoebe ending up with Joey. Their battiness apparently perfectly complemented one another’s, and they had that ride out to Vegas and back together. So, get the card for your friends but don’t share that last bit of trivia with them. We’re happy Phoebe found happiness with Mike.

Want to buy it? Get it from MeetMeInShermer on Etsy, $3.98

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