Best Gifts For Your Friends Who Are Still Obsessed With ‘Friends’

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Cake Perfection

Image: Etsy/EdiblePerfections

If you get the wine labels, use the peephole gift bags, and wear one of the tee shirts, you’ve got just about everything you need for the perfect Friends party. You could take it over the top and order this fondant couch for a cake topper. This Etsy store specializes in TV inspired cake creations, and the orange couch looks just like the one from the opening credits. Interestingly, the couch made the Hollywood Reporter’s list of the ten priciest pieces of Hollywood history. It was bought by an anonymous buyer in 2011. You can’t have that one, but this is a tastier and more easily shipped version.

Want to buy it? Get it from EdiblePerfections on Etsy, $30.00+

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